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OMAFRA Alliance - Tier 1

This study investigates cannabis agritourism and the possibilities for its development in Canada. The purpose of the research is to assess the potential for a cannabis agritourism framework similar to that implemented at wineries and breweries where facility tours, sampling rooms and purchasing of the product grown on site (farmgate) are part of the visitor experience. Farm tours are an established part of the cannabis tourism industry in California and are under investigation as part of an international comparative case study to gather information about how cannabis production offers opportunities for tourism consumption. Findings will highlight the enabling factors, including the best practices, processes and regulations necessary for cannabis to have the same value-added benefits as wine and beer tourism.

Opportunities for Cannabis Agritourism in Ontario: A Domestic and International Comparative Review


Cannabis Farmgate Sales in Canada and Opportunities for the Tourism Industry: A Value Chain Perspective

Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council: Insight Development Grant

The development of cannabis farmgate sales in Canada and the impact it has on tourism are the focus of this study’s investigation. Farmgate sales allows for a licensed producer or micro-grower to sell cannabis directly to the consumer at 

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at the facility in which it was grown. Value chain theory is used to determine the extent to which farmgate connects agriculture and tourism by way of creating new opportunities for cannabis growers in the tourism industry. Of interest are the innovative and collaborative partnerships that take place between businesses that enable farmgate as both a site of cannabis and tourism production. Interviews are currently being conducted with a broad range of stakeholders that represent various stages in the cannabis farmgate value chain. Licensed producers, policy analysts, consulting firms, growers’ associations and retail managers are all included. In understanding how economic productivity can be fostered through agriculture and tourism, by way of cannabis farmgate, the research addresses an important gap in cannabis tourism that has yet to conceptualize non-consumptive experiences. 


Cannabis Tourism Research Study: Prospective Cannabis Tourists in Canada 

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New Heights Cannabis

Central to this research project is understanding the interests, preferences, and characteristics of prospective cannabis tourists in Canada. The aim of the research is to generate a working knowledge of a new type of consumer and to document the characteristics of a new market segment by developing a profile of the Canadian cannabis visitor. In determining the different ways that different people are interested in incorporating cannabis into their vacation/trip/travel, the opportunities for businesses to develop products around demand can be identified along with actionable items businesses can take to develop these products/experiences. The research unlocks the opportunity for businesses to generate revenue by engaging cannabis related travelers. More broadly, this knowledge is especially critical in documenting the characteristics of a new market segment in the very early stages of a new industry.  


Social Responsibility as Best Practice for Cannabis Tourism Suppliers in Canada

Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council


This study lays the foundations for framing cannabis tourism as a form of social responsibility in which suppliers implement best practices to keep the tourist safe. Social responsibility is used as a framework to understand cannabis tourism as an avenue for risk reduction. A socially responsible cannabis tourism strategy is concerned with public health policy designed to reduce the potentially harmful consequences of consumption, while, at the same time, promoting a safe way to enhance recreational experiences and wellbeing. Findings provide insight into where regulations are needed, not only for cannabis tourism, but for social consumption more broadly. 

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